Meet John. Tuesday is John's second least favourite day, after Monday. John dreams of one day owning a hot dog stand. John hates his dead-end job.

Be John for a day.

(Press any key to start the game once it's loaded)

Daily Grind was made with friends for the Global Game Jam 2016 theme of "rituals".

Robbie Fraser @squidcor (Programming)
Peter Cardwell-Gardner @thefuntastic (Character & Sound)
Nick Cuthbert @deepwallgames (Environments)

Global Game Jam Entry:
Choosen as best sounding game at the Cape Town GGJ location.

Published Feb 01, 2016
PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Made withUnity
Tagsggj16, Global Game Jam, indie, melancholy


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oh my gosh I think I was John for way too long. I really liked this game though, and it's simple controls :")

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This game was definitely short n' sweet, but with a bit of a twist ;)

You can check out my video here->

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This game has more grinding than a high school prom! I enjoyed it, I made a video if you guys get a chance! The Daily Grind | THE SECRET OF BABY FOOD

I liked it. Pretty fun

great twist and it came at the perfect time when i was feeling like i got the point. cute concept and very strong execution in its simplicity. fun little thing :)

WHAT A TWIST! This game got me!

Here's my game-play!

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Really enjoyed this game!! :D
Loved how it zoomed out to give you more of the story, very neat and smart way to tell the story :D

My Let's Play is right here:

Stay Rad Everbody!!


Thanks!! :D The game was RAD!!
Well done!! :D

Nice :)

Haha thanks!! :D I got so surpriced getting a comment on this video 88 days later xD

88 days ago? Wow!

Haha yeah this video as almost 3 months old xD Hope you'll like my new videos cause I've changed and learned alot since in how I make let's play videos :)